FSC® products at Artoz

For some time, Artoz has included certified products with the FSC® trademark in its range. Since the end of March 2011, around half of the Artoz 1001-range has carried the FSC logo. From July 2011, the entire S-LINE range is available in FSC-certified quality. Artoz will offer additional products with the FSC trademark in the future.

What is FSC®
The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is actively committed to sustainable forestry around the world. Products with the FSC trademark do not exploit resources but promote socially and environmentally sustainable forestry. FSC Mix (paper) designates products 70% of whose fibres are sourced from sustainable forestry. In order for a product to carry the FSC logo, all the processing plants involved must meet the requirements of the FSC for the production chain. This ensures that the origins of the designated product can be traced.

The added value of FSC®
The FSC® is committed to ensuring that forest resources are used sustainably and that the natural functions of the forest remain intact as a result. The well-being of the workers is also one of the central criteria of FSC certification. The history of the FSC-certified wood can be traced from forest management right through to the end product. This gives you the certainty of knowing that you are purchasing a product which will sustain natural forests and all their inhabitants in the long term.

Additional information
The FSC® is a charitable international membership organisation which is actively committed to environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically sustainable forestry.